The National Specialist Register (NSR) has been established to assure quality care to the public by determining the professional standards expected of specialists in their respective fields. Specialists are credentialed on fulfilling the training requirements and have the required competencies stipulated by the relevant specialty sub-committees.

The Specialty Sub-Committee of Ophthalmology has defined the criteria for credentialing as an ophthalmologist. To be registered with the NSR, the candidate must have satisfactorily completed the training programme and demonstrated clinical competence.

The following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Registration with the Malaysian Medical Council and possession of a current Annual Practicing Certificate
  • Possession of any postgraduate qualification in ophthalmology registrable with the NSR
  • Satisfactorily completed 6 years of recognised training in ophthalmology of which at least 2 years is after obtaining the postgraduate qualification

These guidelines deal with the training to be undertaken by trainees enrolled in a recognised training programme. It is a review of the previous handbook and is effective from 1st January, 2012.