Guidelines and Criteria for Registration as a Specialist in Ophthalmology prepared by Specialty Sub Committee of Ophthalmology, National Specialist Register (NSR)

1. Recognised Specialist Training

The total duration of training shall be a minimum of 6 years. The trainee must pursue 4 years of postgraduate training leading to the award of a recognised qualification, followed by 2 years of supervised training.

2. List Of Recognised Post-Graduate Qualifications

  • Sarjana Surgeri (Oftalmologi), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Master of Surgery (Ophthalmology), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  • Sarjana Oftalmologi, Universiti Malaya (Master of Ophthalmology, University of Malaya)
  • Sarjana Perubatan (Oftalmologi), Universiti Sains Malaysia (Master of Medicine (Ophthalmology), Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Any other equivalent qualification can be considered for recognition by the Specialty Sub-Committee of Ophthalmology on a case-to-case basis provided all training requirements and any other requirements as determined by the specialty sub-committee have been fulfilled.

3. Requirements For Enrolment For Specialist Training

A medical doctor who has:

  • at least 2 years of working experience after obtaining a basic medical degree AND
  • full registration with Malaysian Medical Council AND
  • possession of a current Annual Practicing Certificate

4. Recognised Specialist Training Programme

4.1 Postgraduate training leading to the Masters degree or equivalent

The training shall be based on the Masters programme approved by the Malaysian Universities Conjoint Committee of Ophthalmology (MUCCO) (Appendix 1).

4.2 Supervised training following postgraduate qualification

  • 4.2.1 The aim of this 2 year period of training is to assist trainees to acquire both knowledge and competence in the performance of procedures to be credentialed as an ophthalmologist. It is an additional step beyond post-graduate qualification where trainees will be assessed for knowledge, skills and competence.

  • 4.2.2 Supervised Postings
    The trainee shall undergo supervised rotational postings of 3-6 months to fulfill their required core procedures and maintain the logbook. A 6 monthly assessment of supervisor's report must be submitted. (Appendix 1)

5. Recognised Specialist Training Centres

  • 5.1 The Specialty Sub-Committee of Ophthalmology shall recognise individual training centres based on specific criteria. (Appendix 2)
  • 5.2 The list of current recognised training centres can be obtained from the NSR secretariat upon request or its website: The list may be updated from time to time.

6. Competence In Core Procedures Required Of A Specialist On Completion Of Training In Ophthalmology

  • 6.1. Trainees are required to be competent in the core procedures listed (Appendix 3)
  • 6.2 Trainees are recommended to use the Specialist Training in Ophthalmology Personal Record and Surgical Logbook that can be obtained from the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia. This logbook should continue to be used after the trainee graduates. It is required for registration with the National Specialist Register.

7. Certification Of Completion In Specialist Training In Ophthalmology

A certificate shall be awarded after the trainee has satisfactorily completed the following:
  • Postgraduate training in Ophthalmology (Masters or equivalent) AND
  • Two (2) years supervised postings following postgraduate training including review of procedural log book and supervisor reports AND
  • Successfully attended exit certification conducted by the Specialty Sub-Committee of Ophthalmology, NSR

8. Postgraduate training programme structure

Appendix 1: Postgraduate training programme structure